Sunday, 10 May 2009

Hello Kitty x Undercover T-Shirt Collection and CRASH HELLO KITTY x AMBUSH “POW” Pendant

hello kitty undercover tees Hello Kitty x Undercover T Shirt Collection

Having already seen 35th Anniversary collaboration t-shirts between Jun Takahashi’s Undercover and iconic Japanese character brand Hello Kitty, we get a look into another fashion lineup by both companies. This latest batch boasts three additional graphic designs, with Hello Kitty being the center of attention, as usual.

crash hello kitty ambush pow 1 CRASH HELLO KITTY x AMBUSH POW Pendant

AMBUSH™ and popular Japanese icon Hello Kitty see themselves at the center of an unlikely team-up. In recent memory, we’ve seen some interesting character-based collaborations headed by Bape who’ve included the likes of SpongeBob and most recently the Ghostbusters. Hello Kitty is seen peering over the top of AMBUSH™’s trademark “POW” pendant. Three different versions are available including gold, neon pink and neon green. Available exclusively through MARUI WEB CHANNEL.




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