Thursday, 7 May 2009

It Duo: Marc Jacobs and Kate Moss

The first Monday in May is fashion’s biggest night of the year, and this year’s theme—Model and Muse: Embodying Fashion— is particularly industry-centric. Which is why, during the month of May, our “It Girl” will become our “It Duo” as we profile a different designer and his model-muse. And, who best to start the series and exemplify this intriguing, symbiotic relationship than fashion’s most iconic pairing (and this year’s gala hosts) Kate Moss and Marc Jacobs.

Jacobs has clearly been inspired by Moss— whether he’s designing a collection inspired by Moss’s personal style (the most memorable of which, perhaps, was his fantastic, never-produced, “grunge” line for Perry Ellis) or vacationing with her and daughter Lila in Formenterra, Spain, there is no denying the two share some inextirpable bond. As Jacobs explains in Vogue’s May Issue “What really informs our [designers] choice is a personal connection.”

And while he admits Moss personal style has influenced his collections, he claims he finds a strong personality far more fascinating their choices in fashion. “It’s her person that interests me,” he says of Moss. “It’s the life and spirit.” So what if Moss’s “life and spirit” has become a permanent fixture in the international press? That’s exactly how this designer likes it. “ It’s the imperfection that I find so beautiful,” Jacobs says. Perhaps Jacobs has stumbled upon the integral ingredient of the model-muse relationship: perfection in imperfection. One look at any of Jacob’s collections, past or present, reflects just that. It’s a delicate dance, and Marc and Kate are the choreographers.

—Sylvana Soto-Ward

Photo: Annie Leibovitz