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Fiona Fletcher & Martha Fiennes

2 Talented women, happy to be friend with.
My best regards from China.

Birds Eye View Film Festival 2009 "BEVFF09’s Roaring Success Proves Audience Appetite for Female Talent"

Celebrating the best women filmmakers from around the globe with 70 events over 9 days at the BFI Southbank, The Institute of Contemporary Arts, The Gate (Notting Hill), and Picturehouse Cinemas across the UK.

Birds Eye View celebrates & supports international women filmmakers.

Founded as a short film event in 2002, registered as a charity in 2004, launched the UK’s first major women’s film festival in 2005, and are now developing year-round activity with our First Weekenders Club, BEV Labs, touring programme and online community.

Birds Eye View is a dynamic, fast growing organisation determined to make a difference.

Branchage Film Festival

Fun Feeders For Cats & Dogs


I will miss you much.


ability to kill cancer cells...

Chemists synthesize fungal compound with anti-cancer activity

Anne Trafton, News Office
April 24, 2009

Ten years ago, William Fenical of the Scripps Institution of Oceanography isolated from an ocean-living fungus a compound that has since shown the ability to kill cancer cells in the lab. Now, for the first time, MIT chemists have synthesized the compound, an advance that could open the door to new drug treatments for cancer.The compound, known as (+)-11,11'-Dideoxyverticillin A, is one of the most structurally complex members of a family of naturally occurring alkaloids.Mohammad Movassaghi, associate professor of chemistry, graduate student Justin Kim and former postdoctoral associate James Ashenhurst reported the synthesis in the April 10 issue of Science.Their 11-step synthesis, which starts with commercially available amino acids, provides ample quantities of the natural alkaloids and gives access to a wide range of related compounds, enabling thorough biological evaluation of these types of alkaloids as anticancer agents.

"If you want to only rely on the natural substance, you often have to go back to the natural source and extract more material for further study. This is certainly OK if getting to the natural source is easy and if the extraction yield is acceptable," said Movassaghi. "However, with a chemical synthesis you can rely on commercially available starting material, scale up the synthesis as needed, and make designed derivatives of the compound of interest."Movassaghi said his team was drawn to the compound not just for its anti-cancer potential but also for its fascinating chemical structure. The (+)-11,11'-Dideoxyverticillin A molecule has 10 rings and eight stereogenic centers, or carbon atoms that have four different chemical groups attached to them."Because of the interesting structures, these compounds provide an ideal arena for exploring and developing new chemistry," said Movassaghi. "As you try to make the molecule, you become aware of its chemistry and oftentimes it's very informative in terms of it's possible mode of action."

When carbon atoms have four different groups attached to them, they can take on two possible arrangements, which are mirror images of each other. Producing the correct arrangement for all stereocenters was particularly challenging, said Movassaghi.As large chemical structures are attached to each carbon, it also becomes more difficult to perform additional reactions at the same carbon atom, because the extra bulk makes the carbon less accessible.Movassaghi says that while each step of the synthesis was difficult to figure out, the hardest task was designing the overall order of the synthesis. The molecule has several bonds that are very sensitive to oxidation or cleavage, so each reaction must occur in a precise order that will not expose those bonds to degradation."Justin and James had the solutions to each of the independent steps much earlier, but the major challenge was recognizing what would be the optimal sequence for each of these events to occur," said Movassaghi.

Now that the chemical synthesis has been demonstrated, researchers can tinker with it to produce similar compounds that may also have potential pharmacological activity.The natural function of (+)-11,11'-Dideoxyverticillin A is not known, but it is likely to be involved in either natural defense or signaling mechanisms -- "chemical warfare at the microbial level," as Movassaghi describes it.In other words, a colony of fungus might secrete the substances, toxic to competing species, to prevent invaders from stealing the same food and other resources."While the natural source may use this compound for defense or signaling, other scientists have shown this compound as having potential for treatment of cancer due to its antiangiogenic activity and efficacy against human breast cancer cell lines," Movassaghi said.

Movassaghi is an Alfred P. Sloan Research Fellow and a Beckman Young Investigator. The research was supported in part by non-restricted funds from Amgen, AstraZeneca, Boehringer Ingelheim, GlaxoSmithKline, Merck and Lilly.

Gresso's 'Lady Diamond' Phone

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Rapha Swift Jersey

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“H&M Tights Packaging”

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Chinese Tea Box

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Denimfactoria is a brand born when Claudia and Maribel, two good friends living in Madrid, noticed a gap in Spain’s denim offer. They had trouble finding cool and well tailored jeans in the city’s capital.
Claudia, who has a degree in fashion design and had worked as a stylist on TV, and Maribel, a law graduate from Georgetown University in DC, contacted their friend, Antonio Safa, who happened to work in the jeans manufacturing industry since forever. The rest is history.

Denimfactoria’s aim is to do really fun and interesting things and its jeans tend to be styles that can stand out a bit in a sea of denim.
The first collection consisted of only two styles and as these flew of the racks on some of Madrid’s best boutiques the expansion of the brand began immediately.An interesting part of the brand is its concern about the environment. That is why every time you purchase a pair of our jeans you will get a reusable woven bag with a cool illustration printed on it so you can take your jeans home. We do this in hopes of reducing the use of plastic and paper bags plus it’s a free cool bag you can take everywhere!

The amazing and talented Jeri Ellsworth

世界级潮流杂志《Nylon》Nike Sportswear专题

即将出版的最新一期《Nylon》推出Nike Sportswear特辑,并请来了Dee & Ricky、 Pegleg等Nylon家族人士一同参与拍摄。

Head Porter - “Prime Functionality” Collection 2009春/夏系列

Head Porter 2009春夏系列已经登场,在由honeyee所拍摄的特集-Prime Functionality,可以看到此系列的完整披露,包括各式背包以及配件等商品,而先前披露过的动物纹路、格纹系列也已经推出。另外,本次也释出了 相当多的行李箱款式,都是非常实用之作。

Fred Perry limited edition digital print madras polo-shirts

Proenza Schouler Bag

Bread & Butter Berlin

With its “tradeshow for selected brands“, BREAD & BUTTER provides the concept of an innovative trade fair event for the progressive, contemporary clothing culture.
As an international specialist trade fair for Street and Urban Wear, BREAD & BUTTER represents a marketing and communication platform for brands, labels and designers from the areas of Denim, Sportswear, Street Fashion, Function Wear and Casual Dressed Up, as well as for suppliers from the preliminary stage of the textile industry.
With a unique brand portfolio, BREAD & BUTTER confirms its position as the leading international trade fair and trademark – it is the meeting point for buyers, traders and representatives from the textile industry press.
Like no other event, the “tradeshow for selected brands“ reflects the culture and brand philosophy of its exhibitors: the brands exhibiting at BREAD & BUTTER present themselves according to their brand direction with their complete versatility.
Twice each year, the “tradeshow for selected brands“ brings together both inspiration and business according to the basic principle of “Fun & Profit“. Its early date makes BREAD & BUTTER the kick-off event within the industry.

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Mary Beyer - Gloved Glamour

ANTARES KPMP316 Earpiece MP3 Player