Monday, 20 April 2009

Dear Friend Section Today: Fashionista 514 by Robyn Chalmers

Fashionista 514
Life + Style = My Lifestyle.

Based on the life of a fashionista living in the 514 (Montreal), Fashionista 514 is a playground for fashion, product reviews, lifestyle and giveaway posts with a fresh down to earth perspective! A mix of personal and professional photos to match each article makes the site very graphic and colorful against it's black and grey plaid background.

Robyn the sites blogger, is the real life fashionista who studied fashion design and now works in the fashion industry. Addicted to louboutins, Furstenberg dresses, pugs and makeup, she will keep you in on the 411 that is her lifestyle.

Giveaways at least once a month (no need to re-enter after one giveaway ends, you qualify for them all), free magnets anytime, polls, twitter updates and a chat box to leave randomn ramblings are some of the few things that make up Fashionista 514.

Ch-ch-ch-check it out!