Saturday, 25 April 2009


Denimfactoria is a brand born when Claudia and Maribel, two good friends living in Madrid, noticed a gap in Spain’s denim offer. They had trouble finding cool and well tailored jeans in the city’s capital.
Claudia, who has a degree in fashion design and had worked as a stylist on TV, and Maribel, a law graduate from Georgetown University in DC, contacted their friend, Antonio Safa, who happened to work in the jeans manufacturing industry since forever. The rest is history.

Denimfactoria’s aim is to do really fun and interesting things and its jeans tend to be styles that can stand out a bit in a sea of denim.
The first collection consisted of only two styles and as these flew of the racks on some of Madrid’s best boutiques the expansion of the brand began immediately.An interesting part of the brand is its concern about the environment. That is why every time you purchase a pair of our jeans you will get a reusable woven bag with a cool illustration printed on it so you can take your jeans home. We do this in hopes of reducing the use of plastic and paper bags plus it’s a free cool bag you can take everywhere!