Friday, 17 April 2009

L'ile aux Ashby by Rayson Tan (Singapore)

L'ile aux Ashby by Rayson Tan

L’ile aux Ashby (pronounce as “L” “OR” “ASHBY”) is all about catering to the needs of today’s modern, urban woman/man who appreciates attention to detail, quality and exclusivity, where each piece is lovingly hand-made.

L’ile aux Ashby accessories portray my invention of recipes for the inner soul. Its ingredients are selected for their finest aesthetic flavor, playing with shapes and forms, mixing the hard with the soft, juxtaposing the quirky with the vintage, the old with the new and sometimes a little bit outlandish behavior to evoke the emotions of life.

L’ile aux Ashby pour accessories are artfully designed as extensions of one’s self and not just as vacuous

decorations to be worn mindlessly. They are hand-crafted to enhance and meld with one’s personality; staying distinctively edgy, yet stylishly wearable.

Our collection pieces are never about flaunting the size of that stone.

We are featured in Singapore Magazines: Female, STYLE, Her World, Arena, Seventeen, Catalog, Juice, Women’s Weekly, Teenage, Teens, Urban and etc…